Our Process
How We Satisfy You

Designing Your Home

Your home may be a custom home or it may be a duplication of one of our models. Either way; the design process is the most important factor in the overall construction process. Design considerations can include but are not limited to:

  • Space calculations and considerations
  • Standard and special features/amenities
  • Pool and Pool Deck design
  • Exterior elevations including roof pitch and style

Proposal and Construction Agreement

Construction ComputerUpon completion of the design process; your home will be submitted to our subcontractors and suppliers for pricing. When all prices are reviewed and totaled; we will submit a preliminary proposal for your review and consideration. A Construction Agreement will be presented to you after all of the Proposal issues and considerations have been agreed upon. The Construction Agreement will consist of:

  • Legal names, home, and home site descriptions
  • Draw Schedule
  • Conditions of Agreement
  • Home site improvement allowance
  • List of all items included and/or not included

Architectural Process

Architectural ProcessThe length of time for the architectural process will vary depending on the size of your home. This process includes:

  • Truss plans
  • Construction Documents-masonry, carpentry, air conditioning, plumbing, electric, interior and exterior elevations.
  • Permit Plans

Pre-Construction Process

Pre-Construction activity will consist of:

  • Building permit application
  • Construction Financing
  • Architectural Review by Subdivision committee (if applicable)

Construction Process

HammerThe construction process will entail all the component phases from initial site preparation to handing you the keys for your new home. As the construction commences, there are usually homeowner requested changes. These changes are usually afterthoughts and will be processed by way of a change order form. Some, but not all of the construction phases are:

  • Masonry
  • Underground mechanicals (electrical and plumbing)
  • Pre-cast slabs and concrete topping
  • Truss, sheathing and fascia
  • Carpentry framing
  • Mechanicals
  • Mechanical inspections
  • Insulation and Insulation inspection
  • Drywall
  • Carpentry trim
  • Painting
  • Cabinets and ceramic tile/stone (walls)
  • Mechanical trim
  • Ceramic tile/stone (floors)
  • Punch-out and detailing
  • Carpet
  • Paint touch-up and miscellaneous


Closing shall take place upon completion of your home. This usually occurs after the final paint touchup and interior cleaning. All outstanding Change Orders and final costs will be reconciled at closing.